Scientific and technological park for energy and materials

The “Torricelli Scientific and Technological Park” in Faenza is a center of excellence for the development of Research, Industry and Innovation in the field of materials, energy and sustainability.

Defined by many as the "material valley", the district of innovation on materials in Faenza represents a pole of excellence at national and international level for research and technology transfer in the field of materials.

Skills in materials science are complemented and enriched by an increasingly rich and qualified network of knowledge, expertise and projects dedicated to energy efficiency, energy transition, circular economy and environmental sustainability.

In the Torricelli Science and Technology Park in Faenza, Certimac operates in a network with ENEA, CNR, the University of Bologna, an incubator for innovative startups, a center for innovation and other research spin-offs. 

An innovation ecosystem rooted in the territory and at the same time with strong international relations and activities.

Ravenna Technopole 

Ravenna Technopole, whose mission is to bring innovation and research for the development of the territory in the field of Energy, Environment, Innovative Materials and Composites and Restoration, is spread over 2 locations:
  • Ravenna headquarters at the University Campus
  • Faenza headquarters at the Torricelli Science and Technology Park
  • The Faenza site offers access to 4 industrial research laboratories equipped with excellent skills and instruments capable of supporting the research and innovation projects of companies. Inside the Technopole, multifunctional spaces are also available for activities of animation, dissemination and for encouraging the match between supply and demand for basic and industrial research. 

    Certimac is one of the 4 industrial research laboratories of the Ravenna Technopole together with ENEA, CNR and the University of Bologna.

    Accredited laboratory of the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network

    Certimac has obtained accreditation as an industrial research and development laboratory of the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network and it is included in the register of accredited structures.

    An important recognition that Certimac has achieved since the birth of the High Technology Network (first accreditation with determination 115/2012 of 06/02/2012) and which it has constantly renewed over the years (most recent accreditation with determination 19739 of 25/10/2021) confirming its commitment and skills to support the competitive development of businesses.

    The accredited Industrial Research Laboratories of the High Technology Network:
  • provide concrete answers to the innovation needs of companies
  • offer structures and skills capable of guaranteeing industrial research of excellence
  • operate on research programs in collaboration with companies to identify product lines or processes based on the frontier of scientific and technological research.
  • On the High Technology Network website, you can find Certimac with the following specializations in the field of the regional Smart Specialization Strategy:
  • High-performance materials and components for building
  • New high-performance building (structural)
  • Recovery of the construction
  • Restoration of Cultural Property
  • Traditional, advanced , functionalized and / or with reduced environmental impact ceramics
  • Diagnostics and conservation (diagnosis, monitoring, use) of cultural heritage
  • Energy efficiency
  • What are the advantages  of Institutional Accreditation for our customers?
    Institutional Accreditation guarantees:
  • Professionalism in the execution of services, in terms of results, costs, times, protection of confidentiality and overall customer satisfaction;
  • Ability to design and develop tailor-made programs, in particular with regard to industrial research and innovation projects;
  • Technical competence in relation to technologies and typical products of the reference industrial sectors, and adequate instrumental equipment;
  • Availability of an adequate and suitably equipped location for carrying out Research and Technology Transfer activities.
  • Clust-ER

    In its role as an accredited Industrial Research Laboratory, Certimac is associated with the two Clust-ERs of the High Technology Network in line with the laboratory's strategic skills:
    Clust-ER BUILD Building and Construction
    The Clust-ER Building and Construction concentrates the its action on three strategic lines of research and innovation:
  • Conservation and enhancement of the built, historical and artistic heritage, for the recovery, restoration and intelligent reuse, through technological and process innovations
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability in construction, for energy efficient buildings , resilient and sustainable
  • Safety of buildings and civil infrastructures, to reduce their vulnerability and mitigate environmental risk (seismic, hydraulic and hydrogeological)
  • For further information:
    Cluster-ER GREENTECH Energy and Sustainable Development
    Strategic objective of Clust-ER Energy and Sustainable Development is to support the transition of regional economies towards a system with a reduced impact on the environment and less dependence on fossil energy sources, favoring a circular approach aimed at closing cycles. 
    In September 2021 the elections of the new Executive Council of Clust-ER Greentech took place in Bologna and Eng. Luca Laghi, Technical Director of Certimac, was elected councilor.
    For further information:

    Certimac in partnership with ENEA and CNR

    Thanks to the scientific partnership with ENEA and CNR, its founders and main shareholders, Certimac promotes innovation in materials, energy and the environment. It offers businesses skills, tools and open innovation and technology transfer paths to support organizations in their innovation paths.
    Certimac works in partnership with ENEA and CNR to bring skills, qualified networks and research tools at the service of companies for the development of their competitiveness.
    We participate as a partner in numerous European research projects that allow us to constantly acquire new knowledge, cutting-edge tools and qualified human resources to develop concrete solutions to energy-environmental challenges.
    We have the latest generation of instruments, devices and software to perform analyses and develop industrial research projects on over 5000 materials and on multiple types of buildings, systems and energy management processes.
    In our role as an independent third party we offer companies technical consultancy to improve the performance and sustainability of materials, products and processes and obtain increasingly green and reliable results.
    Certimac has developed over the years a strong expertise in accessing and managing incentives for funded research that it makes available to companies that want to innovate and grow through the correct use of European contributions.

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