Adaptable technological solutions based on early design actions for the construction and renovation of Energy Positive Homes

Design and validation of an advanced, dynamic and integrative approach to accomplish EPH
Energy and Digital Transition
Horizon Europe


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LEGOFIT is a 48-month research and innovation Project co-funded by the European Commission within the Horizon Europe 2021-2027 program.

The LEGOFIT project aims to design, implement and validate an adaptable and dynamic integrative approach to accomplish energy positivity of the EU residential building stock. The LEGOFIT approach is based on the digitization of building data and on smart and innovative solutions specifically designed for renovations. Moreover, the approach will be customised for new buildings throughout the LEGOFIT lifetime. The LEGOFIT process is revolutionary because it closely follows the energy performance of the building throughout its lifecycle, thus improving the decision-making strategy for optimising electricity and thermal energy use.

Specific objectives

LEGOFIT targets the optimization of energy performance throughout the lifecycle of residential buildings, by means of a holistic design approach based on smart innovative solutions and on the digitization of building-related data. A digital infrastructure (BIM data environment) of BIM-based related services will ensure good communication between all construction industry stakeholders, interoperability and straightforward monitoring over time of energy, environmental and financial impacts.

The LEGOFIT Specific Objectives (SOs) are the following:
- developing a holistic approach to the design of new residential buildings and the renovation of existing ones, turning them into EPHs through a predefined but flexible and customizable process;

- developing a comprehensive BIM-based modular platform for the streamlined integration of passive and active technologies (including nature-based solutions) with an advanced use of smart management technologies in new constructions and renovations;

- developing a decision-making algorithm for facilitating the implementation of tailored solutions and guaranteeing the achievement of key performance goals tailored to different user profiles and lifestyles with a minimum environmental impact;

- investigating and applying solutions based on the circularity of materials in the building sector, thus enhancing recyclability and an efficient use of local resources;

- defining and promoting local co-financing routes for the installation of renewable energy technologies and Nature-Based Solutions (NBSs) for new constructions and renovations based on local market characteristics and building needs;

- involving building occupants in the overall renovation/construction process to guarantee the implementation of the tailored solutions for different user profiles and lifestyles;

- enhancing the replicability and scalability of processes to achieve energy positivity goals in the residential sector and promote continuous improvement of the construction/retrofitting interventions through iterative feedback from the stakeholders of the construction/renovation value chains;

- creating a standard framework to accomplish energy positivity in the residential sector (the LEGOFIT Positive Residential Digital Building Logbook).

The LEGOFIT approach is implemented in 5 demonstrators in different climates, characterised by diversity in the social situations, intended use, energy performance and market maturity scenarios of the building stock.

Role of Certimac

Thanks to the well-established and effective participation in research and development EU, national and regional projects, Certimac has gained strong skills, tested and validated innovative solutions in the areas of:

- building energy efficiency,
- renovation of existing buildings,
- sustainability of materials and circular economy,
- monitoring of building performance. 

Certimac is the leader of WP1 “LEGOFIT framework, drivers, assumption and potentials”. Certimac coordinates the activities aimed at developing a common framework for EPHs on the basis of the identification and systematization of policies and practices, regulatory frameworks, incentive schemes and technological solutions related to the different national contexts.

In this way, it will be possible to effectively contextualize the three key dimensions - regulatory, financial and technical - of energy positive buildings in each partner country.

Certimac supports the definition and technical modelling of passive and active solutions and the relevant financial and environmental assessment.

Certimac also plays a key role in the LEGOFIT comprehensive assessment of the circular materials/solutions of energy positive buildings. In this framework, Certimac will implement material passports and LEGOFIT Circularity Passports, thus ensuring successful end-of-life strategies for the materials and components used and applied in the construction and renovation phases.

The LEGOFIT Circularity Passport will be devised in connection with the Digital Building Logbook-DBL. The DBL represents an effective holistic tool that integrates all the different data fields and provides exhaustive user-friendly information about the building.

Finally, Certimac will actively contribute to devising guidelines for energy positive buildings and providing suggestions for certification measures and sustainability protocols, thus fostering wide replicability of the LEGOFIT approach and outcomes.

Expected outcomes

  • Faster transition to the next generation of new construction and renovation of cost-effective energy positive, climate neutral residential buildings (carbon emission reduction, circularity of materials, efficient use of water);
  • Streamlined integration of advanced smart technologies, renewable energy and storage solutions in residential construction and renovation projects;
  • Faster transition to buildings and technical elements capable of adapting to different user profiles and lifestyles, thus improving air quality, human health and well-being parameters;
  • Improved skills and competences of the workforce to support a rapid uptake of energy positive buildings in the residential sector.
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    The project has been admitted for funding with a contribution of € 5.948.747,50

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