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Advanced solution for building envelope and system for Positive Energy
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ALLIANCE is a 30-month research Project co-funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region using resources from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

ALLIANCE aims to develop an integrated, advanced, and sustainable technological solution that promotes the decarbonization of the building stock towards Positive Energy Building (PEB) and Positive Energy District (PED) models.

To achieve its objective ALLIANCE will work in close synergy with the companies of the value-chain to integrate existing solutions, such as thermal insulation to reduce the conditioning needs, systems efficiency to guarantee comfort, and energy production from renewable resources and their engineering, to develop a active-passive Plug & Play solution.

The engineering integrated advanced and sustainable solution will be used as a primer diver to promote building renovation and speed up cost determination and control, construction work, commissioning and to guarantee the intervention’s environmental impact.

ALLIANCE will overcome the current technological solutions fragmentation and introduce into the construction value-chain an integrated Plug & Play solution with high performance, modular, versatile and low impact on the users during the installation phases.

The aforementioned solutions are yet developed and engineering, ALLIANCE will integrate them innovatively to demonstrate the validity through an implementation on a pilot building.


ALLIANCE responds to the need of the construction sector to develop an innovative and sustainable integrated technological solution to foster the decarbonization of the building environment towards PEB/PED buildings.

To do so, ALLIANCE identify six Specific Objectives (SOs):

  • Develop, experiment and engineer a plant engineering system for civil air-conditioning;
  • Develop, experiment and engineer the ventilated façades passive module;
  • Integrating plant and passive components (eg. emissions, VMC, PVT) at laboratory scale;
  • Demonstrate in a relevant environment the integrated and innovative PnP solution;
  • Validate the numeric model through the monitoring and develop demonstrator-associated BIM objects;
  • Spread the technological enhancement throughout regional construction value chains starting from the active involvement of 5 companies of different sectors willing to incorporate in their production process the scientific-technological results of the project.

    The ALLIANCE solution will be installed in one demonstrator to validate onsite the laboratory tested and validated solution. One of the involved companies will provide the building on which to install the technological solution.
  • Role of

    Thanks to its specialist competencies and know-how in the characterization of materials and components for the building envelopment, in the energy modelling of the envelope/system and energy services and ventilated façades by continuous monitoring of building alongside its effective and well-established experience in participation on a research projects at regional and European level, Certimac will lead and coordinate the research project.

    Certimac will guide the engineering of the ventilated façades passive module in WP3, will support the integration and modelling of the laboratory-scale solution (WP2 and WP4) and will participate in the realisation of the prototype and the monitoring of its performance in a relevant environment (WP5).

    In particular:
    In the WP2 - Research and setting of the “installation” components - (active part) will contribute to integrating the results of this WP with the one of the WP3 and the integration on façades.

    In the WP3 - Research and setting of the façades component - (passive part) Certimac will coordinate the activities of research and fine-tuning of the façades system (in particular the passive envelope component), will test the passive component based on ad hoc test/validation protocols which will prove the validity of chosen materials in relations of thermo-physical, structural and durability requirements.

    In the WP4 - Integration and fine-tuning of the laboratory-scale active-passive façades module Certimac will support the numeric modelling and the executive design of the façade module.

    In the WP5 - Prototyping and experimental characterization of the integrated pilot-scale system its digital modelling in BIM will support executive design of the prototype and will coordinate its installation. Will contribute data/results analysis together with TekeHub.

    In addition, as lead partners, Certimac will be responsible for the coordination (WP1 “Project management“) and dissemination (WP6 “Dissemination”) activities of the project.


  • The development of thermo-photovoltaic panels placed on ventilated façades to valorize vertical surfaces and renewable energy sources;
  • A tested and validated ventilated façades passive module at laboratory scale;
  • The evaluation of the integrated module's overall energy performance;
  • Making the demonstrator prototype and monitoring the energy and IAQ performance of the integrated and innovative Plug & Play solution;
  • The evaluation of the prototype scalability to different real case scenarios and different intended uses.
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    The project has been admitted for funding with a contribution of € 689.023,43

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