TEmporary uses as STart-up actions to enhance port (in) tangible heritage

Enhancement of the port heritage
Urban regeneration
INTERREG Italy - Croatia 2014-2020


TEMPUS is a research project of duration 30 months co-financed by the European Commission within the INTERREG Italy - Croatia 2014-2020 program.

The project aims at urban regeneration of the port heritage in the area of ​​the Adriatic Sea, which has recently undergone a disruptive process of evolution which at the same time has caused the separation of the cities from their ancient ports and the improper use or disposal of spaces.

TEMPUS aims to re-connect cities to their ports, creating a new way of experiencing places and supporting entrepreneurship in the fields of creativity, culture and tourism. During the project, 3 pilot actions will be implemented, consisting in the activation of Temporary Uses (at least 36 months) in various urban ports of the Adriatic Sea, with the aim of creating actions that can activate a broader process of enhancement and regeneration of the port heritage.


The main and long-term goal of the project is to increase a new economic development based on the enhancement of the hidden port heritage, tangible and intangible cultural resources, including the archaeological background and natural contexts, through the launch of Temporary Actions for the Use of such spaces.

Role of

Certimac, thanks to many years of experience gained in previous research projects related to port areas, has been able to test different solutions in the field of energy upgrading of buildings for Temporary Uses.

As head of WP3 - "Pilot testing for codesigning HD urban strategies" - Certimac coordinates the activities related to the development and implementation of pilot actions, aimed at activating the processes of enhancement and regeneration of the port cultural heritage. To this end, energy efficient and sustainable Temporary Use structures will be developed and deployed in some port areas including Ravenna and there will also be hosted activities dedicated to tourism and heritage enhancement.


The results the project aims for are:
  • Enhancement of the Cultural Resources of urban ports with a consequent increase in the number of historic buildings recovered;
  • Activation of high value / low cost interventions capable of creating new contextual values ​​(with reference to the intangible fields of cultural, entrepreneurial, social and relational values);
  • Creation of new urban attractions detached from traditional tourist circuits, allowing the differentiation of the offer and increase of tourism in port cities;
  • Diffusion of a new entrepreneurial culture, with a consequent increase in businesses based on the concept of sustainable tourism;
  • Creation of a community dedicated to the sustainable development of the Adriatic port heritage, in order to redevelop the urban port areas and transform their historical heritage into an innovative economic path.
  • Partner

    Comune di Rijeka
    PI RERA S.D.
    Rijeka Development Agency PORIN


    The project has been admitted for funding with a contribution of Euro € 2.706.920,00

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