Energy Efficiency

Energy audits, monitoring of consumption and environmental health. Consulting for industrial energy management. Rely on Certimac to seize all the opportunities offered by energy efficiency

How can you optimize and improve energy efficiency?

A solid energy efficiency strategy can help you reduce the cost of energy, optimize oenergy, optimize processes and raise energy performance.

Certimac accompanies business owners, technicians and energy managers in energy transition projects to achieve savings for the company and benefits for the environment.

Certimac's know-how for energy efficiency and and environmental sustainability

We address companies and organizations that want to start a new path of environmental sustainability and adopt an efficient energy management.

We support the customer in the path of energy efficiency by developing our services on four main trajectories: improvement of energy performance, waste reduction, promotion of renewable energy sources and of healthy environments.

Our partners

The National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development is a founding member and scientific partner of Certimac
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Il Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche è socio fondatore e partner scientifico di Certimac
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Specialized and integrated expertise to seize all the opportunities offered by the energy transition

Our team of certified Energy Management Experts and specialists in accessing and managing grants and subsidies intervenes in an integrated way alongside companies through a package of services and skills that make us the only interlocutor in the energy field.

We support local authorities in the preparation of energy plans and different realities, from SMEs to large energy intensive companies in the implementation of Energy Management Systems.

From energy audits, to the monitoring of energy consumption, from the identification of inefficiencies to the careful planning of energy efficiency interventions.

Particular attention is paid to support activities in the administrative procedures that allow access to various tax benefits, such as the recovery of excise duty and benefits for energy intensive companies and companies that eliminate inefficiencies and optimize energy consumption.

With research projects of national and international scope we develop efficient and innovative solutions, in collaboration with universities and research centers, ENEA and CNR in particular. 

How we work

Solutions and services for energy efficiency, energy management and energy certification. Certimac's Energy Division has many years of experience in the energy field and can help you reduce energy costs and increase the environmental sustainability of your organization. Discover the 5 points of our method.
ENEA and CNR founded Certimac to bring skills, network and research tools to the service of companies in the field of energy efficiency and materials.
We support entrepreneurs, technicians and energy managers in reducing energy costs, optimizing processes and increasing energy performance.
Instrumentation, devices and software of the latest generation to perform analysis, tests, experimental measurements and calculation algorithms on different types of buildings, plants and processes.
We invest every year in knowledge, new equipment and talent to provide the best pathways to energy transition and green technology development.
Our certified Energy Management Experts and our specialists in access and management of incentives support companies in the implementation of Energy Management Systems and local authorities in the preparation of energy plans.

Conto termico 2.0

A Guide to help potential beneficiaries obtain incentive funding

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Certify your consumption

Certimac accompanies you in the path of certification of energy consumption of buildings, plants and structures

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