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What is monitoring environmental monitoring and what is it for?
We spend 90% of our time in residential and working closed buildings: home, office, school, supermarket, gym, etc.

The issue of air quality in confined spaces with particular reference to the correlation with comfort, health and - in the case of working environments - the productivity of the occupants has been the subject of increasing attention for some years.

The WHO itself has recognized that indoor pollution is a major environmental risk, whose main causes lie, on the one hand, in the large number of pollutant sources present in living and working environments, and on the other in the reduction of ventilation rates, generally related to energy saving reasons.

Indoor Air Quality is the environmental parameter that allows us to know this form of pollution and to prevent it in order to increase the living comfort and the safety and healthiness of the environment.

It is an index of evaluation of indoor environments that is determined through the detection, processing, analysis and evaluation of a set of variables such as temperature, humidity, brightness, presence of volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, radon gas, carbon monoxides and dioxides, airborne mold, proliferation of fungal colonies and concentration of chemical pollutants (VOC) found in confined living environments.

The monitoring activity generates precise quantitative indices developed by an international protocol:
  • I.E.Q. (Indoor Environment Quality): Indoor Environment Quality Index.
  • I.A.Q. (Indoor Air Quality): index of Indoor Air Quality.
  • The environmental monitoring campaigns represent, like the monitoring campaigns of energy consumption, the first step in the interventions of redevelopment and energy efficiency to identify precisely where and how to operate: from ventilation systems to the choice of types of materials and transpiration of the envelope.
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    The monitoring of environmental parameters is increasingly required to assess the quality of the indoor environment and the safety and healthiness for those who live or work in those environments.

    In supporting our customers in the path of Energy Efficiency we are increasingly required a parallel and integrated path of Safety and Health of the spaces in which we are going to intervene, such as:
    Residential buildings
    Offices and business centers
    Public buildings
    Commercial buildings
    Production sites

    How we work

    To meet the growing demand for measurement, analysis and recommendations in terms of Environmental Quality and Indoor Air Quality, Certimac’s Energy Division has developed a protocol for direct detection and analysis that, using specific instruments and sensors, allows to define the various indicators according to international standards and to develop possible improvement actions.
    Our procedures and services incorporate technology leadership, over 20 years of experience and a highly skilled team.
    We test, qualify and innovate materials in a variety of application areas. We offer product and process technical advice to help you achieve increasingly sustainable, green and reliable results.
    Certimac's specialists have at their disposal the latest instrumentation and software to carry out the surveys and integrate the data with further analysis, tests and experimental measurements related to the building and the materials used.
    Reliability of the results, accuracy and guarantee of third parties to make living comfort and healthiness of the environment a feasible and reliable path.
    The partnership with ENEA and CNR allows it to constantly follow the evolution of legislation and scientific innovation, to ensure the execution of surveys and analysis of the best methodological standards.

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    Why choose Certimac

    In the energy efficiency consultancy work we carry out, environmental monitoring is increasingly being requested as a complement to energy consumption monitoring.

    This is because the quality of air and the indoor environment is becoming a strategic variable that we can help you manage and optimize with a set of specific services and instruments, benefiting from the convenience of a single interlocutor who can follow you in all phases of the process.

    The design, conduction and processing of the results of measurement campaigns for environmental parameters by Certimac is one of the most effective examples of synergistic intervention between the different skills of our laboratory: from conducting C.A.M. tests on materials to verify their healthiness, to the development of advanced materials for the envelope, with thermal insulation power but also breathable properties, to the design of integrated energy efficiency interventions building-installation, it is a unified approach that ensures consistency and procedural quality throughout all stages of the process.

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