CAM Certification

Certimac certifies compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria of construction products

What the legislation requires
Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM), defined in the Ministerial Decree of 11/10/2017, were formulated by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, to raise awareness and guarantee the use of environmentally sustainable solutions and products. Verification of conformity provided by the CAM takes into account many factors that refer to the entire life cycle of the product: from the determination of the recycled content, to the emissions of volatile organic substances and dangerous substances, also aimed at a sustainable management of the disposal. 

Compliance with CAM in construction is mandatory:
  • in the case of assignment of design services and works for the new construction, renovation and maintenance of public buildings
  • for thermal and acoustic insulation materials only, in the case of energy requalification interventions that require recourse tax deductions (Ecobonus 110% - DL 34/2020)
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    Eng. Simone Bandini, PhD
    Specialist in the durability and sustainability of construction materials

    How to obtain the CAM certification

      Certimac supports manufacturers of building materials in calculating and verifying the percentage of material recovered or recycled.

      It issues - on behalf of the producer / importer - a product certification attesting the recycled content through the clarification of the mass balance, which consists in the verification of a self-declared environmental declaration, in compliance with the ISO 14021 standard.
      VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are chemical compounds of various kinds, formed by molecules of different nature, but all characterized by high volatility, i.e. the ability to evaporate easily in the air, even at room temperature and therefore just as easily to be inhaled, particularly in confined spaces.

      Certimac supports manufacturers of building materials through tests that allow them to evaluate and quantify emissions, in order to ensure compliance with the limits prescribed for the different types of products.

    How we work

    We carry out analyzes on the environmental performance of a product and provide technical assistance in compiling the documentation necessary for the compliance with the CAM, also through support actions for internal checks (asseverations). Discover the 5 points of our method.
    For each individual product (depending on the nature, type or intended use of the material), minimum mandatory requirements are required, which are sometimes added to additional optional criteria, to improve their environmental performance. Certimac experts, constantly updated on the evolution of the legislation, support your company by helping you to correctly manage the process of compliance with the minimum environmental criteria.
    Our procedures and services incorporate leadership in technology, over twenty years of experience and a certified team with highly specialized skills.
    Certimac's test laboratories have the latest generation of instruments and software to perform analyzes, tests, experimental measurements, numerical modeling and calculation algorithms.
    Reliability of results, accuracy and third party guarantee to make the quality and performance of your products the winning elements of your company.
    The partnership with ENEA and CNR, founding members of Certimac, makes it possible to constantly follow the evolution of legislation and scientific innovation, to guarantee the execution of tests according to the best methodological standards.

    Materiali isolanti e Superbonus 110%

    Certimac è Organismo Notificato - n. 2685 CPR (EU) 305/2011 per il rilascio di Attestati di Prova e Attestati di Qualificazione ai fini della Marcatura CE. Opera su 30 Specifiche Tecniche Armonizzate.


    Why choose Certimac?

    Making use of safe, long-lasting and sustainable materials is a guarantee for all operators of the supply chain. 
    Certimac, a research organization founded and participated by ENEA and CNR, operates in the field of innovation on energy and materials, supporting the producers with the analyzes and laboratory tests necessary to obtain the CAM certification. 
    All analyzes and laboratory tests are performed by our materials science experts using a set of test instruments unique in Italy for completeness, accuracy and cutting-edge.

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