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Contact Certimac for the certification of construction materials and the energy performance of buildings and production sites in compliance with legislation standards and incentives

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The certification services offer a guarantee of compliance with the required standards and give your company the confirmation to tackle the national, European and international market in a safe and competitive way. 

Certimac supports you on the certification path you are searching for with its specialist expertise and the guarantee of reliable results.

of building materials

Certifying your construction material or product means guaranteeing compliance with the requirements of national and international norms and standards.

CE marking construction products

Certimac supports the Manufacturers in fulfilling the requirements for verifying the conformity of construction products for the purpose of obtaining the CE Marking

CAM Certification

Certimac certifies compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria of construction products

Qualification of Fibre-Reinforced Composites

Certimac is a laboratory authorized by the italian High Council of Public Works for the qualification of composite materials for structural use such as FRP, FRCM, CRM and FRC

Certification of the quality of brick coverings

For over 20 years Certimac has been certifying the quality of Brick Roofing for the issue of the Certificate of Conformity

Energy performance certification

Energy certification of buildings, industrial plants and commercial activities is required by current legislation and is the exclusive responsibility of accredited bodies and licensed technicians.

Energy performance certificate

Certimac's energy certifiers are accredited to issue the standard EPC and the conventional EPC required for the Superbonus 110

Energy audit report

Our Energy Management Experts and certified energy auditors are authorized to issue the mandatory energy audit report required by European and national legislation

Energy savings according to the IPMVP

Our CMVP- certified professionals for performance measurement and verification are authorized to release results according to the IPMVP protocol

LCA and Environmental Impact Assessment

We guide public and private sector organizations toward sustainable practices by providing consulting and certification services for corporate sustainability and product and process environmental footprints.

Carbon footprint

Certimac supports manufacturers in assessing the carbon footprint of their products or organization

Environmental Product Declaration

Certimac supports companies in obtaining the EPD certification - Environmental Product Declaration

Life Cycle Assessment

Certimac supports manufacturers in the life cycle assessment (LCA) of their products and processes

How we work

Cutting-edge equipment, specialized skills and strict quality parameters enable Certimac specialists to support companies in their certification processes at best. Discover the 5 points of our method.
Certimac's experts, constantly updated on the evolution of the legislation, support your company in the complex field of certifications, helping you to correctly manage the process of compliance with legislation and standards.
Our procedures and services incorporate leadership in technology, over twenty years of experience and a certified team with highly specialized skills.
Certimac's test laboratories have cutting-edge instruments and software to perform analyses, tests, experimental measurements, numerical modeling and calculation algorithms.
Reliability of results, accuracy and third party guarantee to make the quality and performance of your products the winning elements of your company.
The partnership with ENEA and CNR, founding members of Certimac, makes it possible to constantly follow the evolution of legislation and scientific innovation, to guarantee the execution of tests according to the best methodological standards.

Notified Body

Certimac is Notified Body - no. 2685 CPR (EU) 305/2011 for the issue of Test and Qualification Certificates for the purposes of CE Marking. It operates on 30 Harmonised Technical Specifications.

CE Marking process

The procedure for CE marking your product depends on its type and intended use. Find out more about the certification process for your product.

FAQ CE Marking

Answers to frequently asked questions about CE marking of construction products.

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