Qualification of Fibre-Reinforced Composites

Certimac is a laboratory authorized by the italian High Council of Public Works for the qualification of composite materials for structural use such as FRP, FRCM, CRM, FRC and composite bars and stirrups.

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What the legislation requires
The current Italian Technical standards for construction - NTC 2018 require that all construction materials and products, when used for structural use, must be identified and in possession of specific qualification for the intended use and must also be subject to checks during acceptance on site by part of the Director of Works.

To this end, the NTC 2018 provide that, in order to be marketed in Italy, construction materials and products for structural use, when not CE marked, must be in possession of a "Certificate of Technical Assessment" (hereinafter CVT) issued by Central Technical Service, on the basis of guidelines approved by the Italian High Council of Public Works.
How to obtain the Certificate of Technical Assessment
To obtain the Certificate of Technical Assessment, the Manufacturer must have all the qualification tests (initial type tests) carried out by a specific Authorized Laboratory, which issues a specific Test Report in compliance with the requirements of the Central Technical Service.

Tests on FRP, FRCM, CRM, FRC and composite bars and stirrups are performed based on specifications Guidelines for identification, qualification and control for acceptance on site, approved by the High Council of Public Works to ensure the quality and safety of the works and infrastructures.
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Eng. Mattia Morganti
Specialist in the qualification of Fibre-Reinforced Composites

How we work

With protocol no. 2107 of 28/02/2020, the Central Technical Service of the High Council of Public Works has authorized Certimac to operate as an Authorized Laboratory for the qualification of composite materials for structural use of the FRP, FRCM, CRM, FRC type and composite bars and stirrups. Discover the 5 points of our method
Certimac's experts, constantly updated on the evolution of the legislation, support your company by helping you to orient yourself between requirements, laboratory tests and deadlines.
All the qualification tests of fiber-reinforced composite materials are performed using edge experimental set-ups, validated by the Ministry of Public Works and the result of the technical know-how developed by Certimac.
Certimac experts support your company in analyzing the results obtained, providing technical consultancy in the field of research and development.
Reliability of results, accuracy and third party guarantee to make the quality and performance of your products the winning elements of your company.
The partnership with ENEA and CNR, founding members of Certimac, makes it possible to constantly follow the evolution of legislation and scientific innovation, to guarantee the execution of tests according to the best methodological standards.

Qualificazione dei materiali compositi fibrorinforzati

Iter di qualificazione prodotto e accettazione in cantiere: cosa bisogna sapere alla luce della nuova normativa


Why choose Certimac?

Certimac has developed over the years various skills on the subject of science and certification of building materials.

In addition to being a laboratory authorized by the High Council of Public Works to operate in the qualification of composite materials for structural use of the FRP, CRM, FRCM, FRC type and composite bars and stirrups, Certimac is Notified Body No. 2685 by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and by the EU Commission pursuant to Reg. CPR ( EU) 305 / '11 for the issue of the CE marking of more than 30 families of construction products.

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“Materiali Compositi innovativi per il rinforzo strutturale: FRP, FRCM, CRM e FRC”

Gli esperti di Certimac fanno chiarezza sugli adempimenti necessari per ottenere il Certificato di Valutazione Tecnica

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