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Certimac Energy Division offers specialized services and dedicated consulting for the design and maintenance of the Energy Management System

What is the standard ISO 50001 and what is it is for?
Reducing energy costs and continuously improving energy performance is a priority for companies of all sectors and sizes.

ISO 50001 improves the management of corporate energy resources.

UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2018 "Energy management systems - Requirements and guidelines for use" is an international standard aimed at supporting organizations in pursuing continuous improvement in energy efficiency, use and consumption.

It allows organizations in any sector, both private and public, to create and maintain an Energy Management System (EnMS) which allows them to:
  • increase energy efficiency
  • reduce costs
  • improve energy performance
  • reduce environmental impact
  • Division
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    Eng. Massimo Bottacini
    Certified energy management expert

    To whom it is addressed

    ISO 50001 certification helps public and private companies to develop a systematic energy management to raise the energy performance of the company as a whole and achieve both economic and environmental benefits.

    The implementation of the ISO-50001 energy management system applies to all manufacturing sectors, although some may benefit more from it. In particular, companies that can derive considerable benefits from the implementation of this energy management system are:
    Companies obliged by Legislative Decree 102/2014
    Energy-intensive manufacturing sectors
    Large-scale distribution, transport and logistics, multi-utilities, Public Administration

    How we work

    Certimac's Energy Division offers specialized services and dedicated consulting for the design and maintenance of the Energy Management System.
    Implementing ISO 50001 starts with energy analysis and monitoring of energy consumption data using appropriate measurement and monitoring tools with a certification audit (divided into two phases).
    Starting from the energy analysis, from the evaluation of the characteristics of the organization and its processes and from the detection of possible critical areas on which to intervene, an Energy Management System is designed to respond to the specificities of the company, effective and conceived in perspective of progressive and constant improvement.
    Resolution and issuance of the certificate valid for three years.
    The maintenance audit (also called "Surveillance Audit") is at least annual and is aimed at verifying the compliance of the energy management system through a sampling of the requirements of the standard and energy aspects.
    Before the expiry of the certificate (three years) is performed a renewal audit aimed at finding the operation and effectiveness of the SGE in its entirety.

    Servizi per l’efficienza energetica

    Scarica la guida aggiornata sui servizi e le certificazioni
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    Why choose Certimac

    Certimac's Energy Division is composed of a team with certified skills and experience in the design and maintenance of Energy Management Systems certified in accordance with ISO 50001.

    Performing energy audits in different sectors, in-depth knowledge of auditing techniques and continuous updating of the reference standards and applications make the team the ideal and reliable partner for the design and maintenance services of ISO 50001 energy management systems.

    Certify your energy performance

    Rely on Certimac for the certification of the energy performance of buildings and production sites for the purposes of regulatory compliance and obtaining incentives

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