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Certimac's energy certifiers are accredited to issue the standard EPC and the conventional EPC required for the Superbonus 110

What is the EPC and what the legislation requires
The Energy Performance Certificate is the document that describes the energy characteristics of a building or a real estate unit. It is a control tool that summarizes the energy performance of buildings on a 10-letter scale (from A4 to G) and allows the comparison of the energy efficiency of different buildings.

The drafting of the APE is mandatory in cases of sale of real estate, leasing of buildings or single real estate units, real estate advertisements, buildings of new construction or undergoing major renovation, buildings used by the PA and open to the public with a usable area exceeding 500 square meters, heat management at the PA. Furthermore, the EPC is among the documents useful for obtaining the certificate of viability of a building.

The Energy Performance Certificate must be drawn up by a qualified energy certifier and filed with the regional land registry. The validity of the EPC is 10 years only if the regularity of the heating system is verified and must be updated on the occasion of any renovation or redevelopment that changes the energy class of the building or real estate unit for which it was drawn up.

The penalties for non-compliance with the obligation are contested by the Guardia di Finanza or by the Revenue Agency and involve high fines.
How to obtain the Energy Performance Certificate
The energy certifier is the professional who draws up the EPC. 

It is a qualified and accredited subject on the official lists of energy certifying authorities., equipped with specific skills in the field of energy efficiency applied to buildings and with the requisites of independence and impartiality.

The training, supervision and accreditation of professionals is managed by the Regions with specific local laws. About half of the Italian regions have not yet adopted their own regulations, in this case the current law is the national one (Legislative Decree 192/05).
Classic EPC and conventional EPC for Superbonus 110%: what are the differences?
The 110% Superbonus facilitation, which makes it possible to make condominiums and apartments more efficient with a 110% deduction, requires a new type of energy certification, the so-called conventional EPC, different from the "classic" EPC that is usually used for leasing or for sale.

The conventional EPC differs from the classic EPC in these aspects:
  • conventional EPC is linked only to the Superbonus 110% practice and cannot be used for other purposes
  • conventional EPC is drawn up for the entire building (meaning the union of several real estate units in the case of multi-unit buildings) while the classic APE is always related to the single real estate unit
  • conventional EPC must not be deposited in regional land registers but has the sole purpose of evaluating the improvement of the two energy classes. In fact, it must be attached to the Technical Assertion in the form of a substitutive declaration of a notary deed
  • conventional EPC  must be performed both for the ANTE and POST situation
  • EPC independence is required on the part of the professional with respect to the subjects responsible for the design and implementation of the interventions, independence which is instead required in the case of drafting the classic EPC.
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    How we work

    The qualified energy certifiers of Certimac issue conventional EPC Superbonus 110% and the classic EPC through an accurate methodology for conducting the energy diagnosis developed in line with the most recent and rigorous national and international regulations and protocols.
    The partnership with ENEA and CNR, founding members of Certimac, makes it possible to constantly follow the evolution of legislation and the innovation of protocols and technologies to guarantee the best methodological standards and reliability of results.
    Our procedures and services incorporate expertise in the field of energy efficiency of buildings, over twenty years of experience and a team of certified EGEs and energy auditors with highly specialized skills.
    The Energy Division of Certimac has the latest generation of instruments and software to perform analyzes, tests, experimental measurements, numerical modeling and calculation algorithms in the energy field on individual materials and buildings.
    Reliability of results, accuracy and third party guarantee to make certifications in the energy field a useful, reliable and safe tool for our customers.
    We constantly invest in knowledge, new equipment and training to offer the best solutions at the service of energy efficiency in buildings

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    With criteria of absolute independence, impartiality and technical competence, Certimac intervenes with its Energy Division and its qualified Energy Certifiers in construction sites, renovations and projects with solutions and services for energy efficiency, energy management and energy certification.

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