Our procedures and services incorporate technology leadership, over 20 years of experience and a highly skilled materials science team in order to test, certify and increase the potential of each material to become a successful product

Certify the performance of your materials

Whether you need a simple laboratory test or you need more complex solutions, 
Certimac supports you in the path of knowledge and innovation of your materials and products.

To discover and certify those performances that means quality and competitiveness for your company.

Tests on materials

Thermal analysis, chemical, physical and durability tests, 
mechanical tests and experimental measurements on a wide range 
of materials. Thanks to specialized skills and 
cutting-edge technical equipment, Certimac caters to all sectors 
that use and seek high-performance materials with low environmental impact.

Materials certification

We support manufacturing companies in the certification paths 
of their materials. From CE marking for products used 
in construction such as bricks, mortars, plasters, cements, concretes, 
to qualification tests for fiber-reinforced materials, to tests on thermal insulation, up to innovative products to be used in manufacturing, automotive, transport, renewables, aerospace, ...

The Certimac method

Specialists in material analysis. Cutting-edge equipment. Advanced skills. Strict quality parameters. Discover the 5 points of our method.
ENEA and CNR - the two major research institutions in Italy - founded Certimac to bring skills, networks and research tools to the service of companies in the field of materials and energy.
We test, qualify and innovate materials in different fields of application. We offer technical product and process consultancy to help you obtain increasingly sustainable, green and reliable results.
Set of latest generation instruments, devices and software to perform analyses, tests, experimental measurements, numerical modeling and calculation algorithms on over 1000 types of traditional and innovative materials with a focus on thermal analysis and environmental parameters.
We constantly invest in knowledge, new equipment and talent to meet your certification needs and your innovation challenges.
Our procedures and services incorporate technology leadership, over 20 years of experience and a highly skilled materials science team.

Where we operate

The areas in which we develop projects and services to test, certify and innovate:
Inorganics materials
Ceramics and Glass
Materials for energy
Construction materials
Thermal insulation materials
Metals and alloys
Organic and Biomass
Adhesives and sealants
Recycled materials and secondary raw materials
Materials for biomedical applications
Phase change

Related Projects

Discover Certimac through the material innovation projects we have carried out
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Una biblioteca gratuita per rimanere sempre aggiornato sull’evoluzione della normativa e delle tecnologie nel campo dei materiali e dell’energia.


It is not so easy to clearly understand procedures, requirements and definitions. In this section you will find visual maps to get a clear, simple and accurate overview of scenarios and legislation in the field of materials and energy.
As strategic partners of companies we develop R&D and innovation projects. Discover our customers’ success stories.


Solutions and services for energy efficiency in buildings  and industrial processes


Technical consultancy for product and process innovation in materials, energy and ecological transition

Do you want to know the performance of your materials?

Certimac can support your company in the process of qualification and innovation of your materials. 

If you are considering the execution of analysis and tests
or if you simply want more information about it, 
our specialists are at your disposal to answer your questions.

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