Existing Building Information Modeling for the management of existing building

Implementation of protocols for awareness of the existing built heritage
POR-FESR 2014-2020 Emilia-Romagna Region


EBIM project - Existing Building Information Modeling for the management of existing buildings - aims to implement the digitalization of the building process applied to the built heritage.
The project is co-funded by Emilia-Romagna Region in the fields of the European Regional Development Fund (POR FESR 2018-2020).


EBIM aims to implement an inclusive approach to the application of BIM tools in the processes of intervention and management of existing buildings, in order to promote collaboration between all the players in the supply chain, implementing also the technologies and procedures for acquisition, integration, modeling, representation and extraction of integrated digital data to support intervention management processes.

The project starts from research results already validated with reference to specific categories of the existing buildings and to particular data management protocols, in order to extend data and increase the related semantic database.

In particular, the project has specific objectives:
  • implementation and optimization of the data management protocol for different categories of the existing building and the increase of the semantic database for process optimization;
  • implementation of the platform with the morphological and technological characteristics of a consistent sample of materials, components and systems, available in the current market (ceramic sector), for the purpose of product innovation;
  • demonstration in the operational environment of the platform implemented for the verification of the competence model related to different target users.
  • Role
    of Certimac

    Certimac contributes to the implementation of an open-standard semantic web platform to support intervention management processes on existing building heritage.
  • specific "database building", starting from experimental data, related to the properties of the materials for the envelope (opaque) to be inserted in BIM systems, in order to optimize and refine the accuracy of the information contained in the BIM system with reference to the existing.
  • Construction of "material files" with reference to CAM - Minimum Environmental Criteria (percentage of recycled material, formal certification aspects such as presence of CE, DOP, etc.) in order to guarantee greater transparency of the building process as well as greater completeness of information present on the platform.
  • Achievements

  • Acquisition protocol as progress / systematization of 3D survey procedures, specifically referred to the survey project of existing buildings
  • Creation of 3D models of the existing built heritage that can be used by different sectors / disciplines
  • Operational support for the formation of new crucial professional skills on an Italian and European scale: eBIM coordinator and specialist (Master II level eBIM: existing Building Information Modeling for managing intervention on the built)
  • New forms of data accessibility aggregated to 3D models for different categories of users
  • Semantic enrichment of models by adding to the geometric data additional information for a more efficient use of digital data
  • Research Partners


    Industrial Partners


    The project was admitted to funding for a maximum contribute of Euro 799.946,40 on an investment of Euro 1.117.237,71.

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