WAter-linked heritage Valorization by developing an Ecosystemic approach

Enhancement of water-related heritage
Urban regeneration
Interreg Europe


WaVE is a territorial cooperation project to enhance water-related heritage through the development of an ecosystem approach.

Funded by the European Commission within the Interreg Europe, it has a duration of 4 years. 

The project, led by the city of Breda (The Netherlands), sees the participation of two Italian partners, the Municipality of Ravenna and Certimac and important European partners such as the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands), the Danish city of Aarhus, the Valencian province Alicante (Spain) and the Hungarian euroregion of Ister-Granum. All WaVE’s partners are united by a rich cultural, historical and archaeological link with water. The project is oriented towards the definition of innovative models for the enhancement and growth of the historical, natural and cultural heritage linked to water. This goal is pursued through a joint effort of sharing knowledge, transmitting experiences and good practices, but above all through the involvement of stakeholders, both at local, national and European level.

The project is divided into 3 phases: analysis, knowledge sharing and planning.

Phase 1
Characterized by the assessment of the status quo of each partner region on the basis of a shared methodology (“Methodology for regional status-quo and good practice identification”), structured by the University of Delft.

Phase 2
Represents the "heart" of the project. All partners are involved in a joint process of sharing knowledge, learning and exchanging good practices. The organization of multiple interregional sessions (IKES - International Knowledge Exchange Sessions) is foreseen in the presence of stakeholders, during which there will be in-depth discussions and visits to sites identified as "good practices".

Phase 3
The third and final phase of the project revolves around the definition and drafting of Action Plans which have as their objective the creation of structural changes within local and regional policies and the development of new projects for the enhancement of the sites.


WaVE aims to:
  • Develop an ecosystem in which the different regions work and cooperate together to create models of sustainable use of the cultural heritage linked to water from an economic, social and above all naturalistic point of view;
  • Improve the overall support by local and regional political actors for the development of approaches for the integrated enhancement of the cultural heritage linked to water;
  • Stimulate ideas for the creation of new projects aimed at enhancing the cultural heritage linked to water;
  • Raise public awareness on the issue of enhancing cultural heritage linked to water.
  • Role of

    Certimac supports the Municipality of Ravenna in the structuring of the Action Plan for the enhancement of 3 areas of great historical, economic and cultural importance:
  • the Classe archaeological park;
  • Darsena dock;
  • the Maritime Park of Ravenna.
  • To this end, Certimac shares the technical-scientific knowledge acquired during the numerous projects linked to the eco-sustainable regeneration of places and the enhancement of innovation, shedding light on the potential inherent in increasing the value of heritage thanks to sustainability and reconstruction.

    Furthermore, as head of project communication, Certimac coordinates all the activities related to the dissemination of the project, aimed at activating the processes of enhancement of the cultural heritage linked to water at the Italian level and at the level of the countries participating in the project: Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain and Hungary.


    WaVE is synonymous with the enhancement of water-related heritage through an integrated and ecosystemic approach. Its partners - all united by a rich cultural, historical and archaeological link with water - not only want to preserve and further develop heritage and nature, but also expect side effects such as socio-economic growth and climate adaptation. 

    Through a joint work of interregional sharing of knowledge, transmission of good practice experiences and involvement of local stakeholders, the project is oriented towards the definition of innovative models for the enhancement and further development of the historical, natural and cultural heritage linked to water.



    The project was admitted for funding with a contribution of Euro 1,516,007.00
    Eng. Luca Laghi

    Water is a precious resource, a means of communication and an innovation factor. WaVE is an ambitious project in which to bring together the technical-scientific knowledge linked to the eco-sustainable regeneration of places with national and European good practices for the enhancement of heritage

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