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Create online educational resources for the study of life cycle analysis of building materials


The project is part of the Erasmus+ Program promoted by the EU, dedicated to education and training for all European citizens. It is developed within a Strategic Partnership which foresees collaboration among different countries and it's financed by Spain.

Nowadays one of the most worrisome environmental problems surely is about the CO2 emissions and the consequent greenhouse effect that it's causing significant climate changes in recent years.

Construction sector contributes 35-40% of the total of CO2 emissions, for this, it is the moment to implant the carbon footprint calculation in the buildings sector, in order to evaluate the environmental impact regarding greenhouse gas emissions in a complete manner, from the cradle to the grave.

This project intends not just to raise awareness, but also to make all entities involved in the construction sector conscious about CO2 emission, from the extraction of raw materials to the demolition works or deconstruction of buildings, that is, taking into account the materials lifecycle and construction processes.

The first step to manage and reduce CO2 emissions is to calculate it, in order to know the importance of this environmental aspect and implement measures to improve it. Currently, there are numerous studies about the footprint calculating of materials (Environmental Product Declaration) during the useful life of the building, but not during the construction and deconstruction process of it. 

The idea of this project is to create an Open Educational Resource (OERCO2) where the calculations of CO2 emissions in each phase of the building are unified so that we can get an overall picture about footprint from the conception of it and decide on each variable of the construction.


To contribute to overcome the situation described above, the main objectives of OERCO2 are:
  • Introduce the calculation of the CO2 emissions at all phases of the construction processes as well as concepts related to recycling and reuse;
  • Increasing awareness about climate change;
  • Provide information about emissions of each element;
  • Free access to OERCO2 to agents involved in the construction sector (students, AEC professionals, etc.).
  • Role of Certimac

    Certimac provides its expertise on building materials, its scientific know-how and methodological approach. Together with other partners, it will deal with the study of a methodology to calculate C02 emission during all life cycles of materials and construction processes. Moreover, Certimac is involved in training, dissemination and communication of the project and its results.

    Research partners

    Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov
    Romania Green Building Council – RoGBC
    Centro Tecnologico da Ceramica e do Vidro

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    Online Platform

    In this open-access platform, all information collected during and beyond the end of the project can be accessed


    Here you will find all OERCO2 documents on project reports

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