FIRE resistant MATerials & composites

Development of materials for high-temperature and fire-resistant applications
POR-FESR 2014-2020 Emilia-Romagna Region


FIREMAT project - FIRE resistant MATerials & composites - is dedicated to the development of low-density thermostructural materials for lightening and increasing safety, specifically long and short fiber reinforced composites, for high temperature and fireproof applications.
The project is co-funded by Emilia-Romagna Region in the fields of the European Regional Development Fund (POR FESR 2014-2020).


FIREMAT project idea starts from the awareness that the main technological limit for the application of polymeric composites (PMC) is the insufficient temperature resistance, while for ceramic matrix composites (CMC) they are the excessive costs, times and productive complexity. Overcoming these limits is necessary to reinvigorate the PMC sector in Emilia-Romagna.

FIREMAT project will develop innovative solutions and know-how in favor of local businesses, which will promote projection and industrial scale-up towards the market. In addition to the development of new materials and processes, the project will focus on the integration of new materials in a multi-material configuration and on the engineering and development of design methodologies aimed at implementing smart-production

In particular, the project has the following specific objectives:
  • strengthening of the regional productive sector of composite materials, overcoming the current temperature limits of polymer-based fiber-reinforced composites;
  • encouraging circular economy processes by producing recyclable materials using secondary raw materials.
  • Role
    of Certimac

    Certimac, as part of the FireMat project, deals with the activities of industrial research and experimental development aimed at engineering materials and components for high temperature applications, identifying the most relevant thermo-physical characteristics (thermal conductivity, specific heat and diffusivity) and studying their reaction to fire behavior.

    Both areas of study will also be expanded and deepened by a numerical modeling stage dedicated to studying the behavior in operation of the various systems developed.

    Expected results

    The expected results that will be achieved during the project are:

  • Fire agents (and MLF) with a preceramic polymeric matrix reinforced with basalt fiber (BasKer-PMC).
  • Thermal barriers with working temperatures up to 800 °C from carbon fiber (modified) and inorganic resins (geopolymers).

  • Industrialization prospects:
  • Mass production in the automotive, transport and construction sectors.
  • Production that uses current industrial facilities (+ recycling and reuse).
  • Research Partners

    Industrial Partners


    The project was admitted to funding for a maximum contribute of Euro 800.000,00 on an investment of Euro 1.121.428,81.

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