A vision for tomorrow is what allows you to transform change into evolution. Certimac supports you in innovative research and development projects, with specialist consultancy, technology transfer and training also for financing and incentives.

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Environmental sustainability, growth, innovation: Certimac helps you seize the opportunities of the ecological transition and the circular economy by accompanying you in every planning phase:
from the analysis of the need, to the development of activities up to access to incentives.

Specialist consultancy

Innovative materials, efficient processes, new technologies.
Discover Certimac's services to support companies in their innovation paths in the field of materials innovation and energy transition.

Incentives for Research & Development

Discover our services for funded research access and management. Certimac can assist you in identifying and managing the funds that allow you to finance the research projects of your company

The Certimac method

Certimac promotes innovation in the fields of materials, energy and the environment. It provides the know-how, the organizational structure and the working methodology to support organizations in their innovation paths. Discover the 5 points of our method.
Certimac works in partnership with ENEA and CNR, its founding members, to bring skills, qualified networks and research tools at the service of companies in their innovation processes.
We participate as partners in numerous European research projects that allow us to constantly acquire new knowledge, cutting-edge tools and qualified human resources to develop concrete solutions to the energy-environmental challenges.
We offer technical consultancy to improve the performance and sustainability of materials, products and processes and make you obtain increasingly green and reliable results.
We have the latest generation of instruments, devices and software to develop research projects on over 5000 types of materials and on multiple types of buildings, systems and processes.
Over the years, Certimac has developed a strong expertise in access and management of incentives for funded research available to companies that want to innovate and grow through the correct use of EU contributions.


Laboratory for analysis, tests and certifications on materials founded by ENEA and CNR
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Solutions and services for the energy efficiency of buildings and industrial processes
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Discover the contents of the Academy

Scenarios and opportunities on innovative materials, energy efficiency and new technologies.
Explore the contents created by the Certimac specialists

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Related projects

Discover Certimac through the detailed account of the projects we have carried out

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research, development, development, industrialization and verification.
We can also help you identify the best opportunities to finance it.

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