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Consult the list of equipment available at Certimac to perform analyzes, tests, experimental measurements, numerical modeling and calculation algorithms

Certimac and its scientific partners - ENEA and CNR - provide companies and researchers with large and integrated equipped laboratories, tools, equipment and latest generation software for analysis and tests on traditional and advanced materials and for the improvement of energy efficiency on buildings, plants and processes.

Laboratory Analysis and Tests

Certimac offers laboratory analyzes, advanced solutions and services for the development, testing and fine-tuning of innovative and sustainable materials. Find out below the tools and equipment we use to carry out our activities.

Thermal analysis

Certimac's laboratory dedicated to thermal analysis is equipped with the latest generation of instrumentation, unique in Italy, and a team of engineers specialized in thermal analysis and testing who follow every step of the test process, the processing of results and reporting. Thanks to the instruments available in the laboratory it is possible to measure the thermal properties of materials in a temperature range from -90 °C to + 1250 °C.
HFM - Heat Flow Meter with guard ring
LFA – Laser Flash Analysis for the determination of thermal diffusivity
DSC – Differential Scanning Calorimetry for the measurement of specific heat
2D and 3D numerical modeling systems with finite element calculation methodology (FEM) and simulation tools operating in the thermo-hygrometric (WUFI PLUS) and building-plant system scale (Edilclima and EN 52016-1 compliant software)
IR thermal imaging camera for non-destructive diagnostics of buildings and industrial processes with a temperature range from - 20 ° C to +350 ° C
Thermozig Plus site heat flow meter for measuring the thermal transmittance of existing masonry structures.


Certimac determines the physical properties of substances as a function of temperature (or time) while they are subjected to a controlled temperature program.
Heating microscope *
Simultaneous weight and differential thermal analyzer up to 1600 ° C *
Dilatometric thermal analyzer up to 1600 ° C *
Simultaneous TG-DTA thermal analyzer up to 1600 ° C*
* instruments accessible through technical-scientific partners

Microstructural, morphological and chemical-physical characterization

Certimac is responsible for the analysis aimed at the complete characterization of materials of inorganic, organic and liquid state, solid, powder, from visible to nanometer scale, with determination of: microstructure, quantitative and qualitative chemical composition, mapping of the distribution of primary and secondary chemical phases, recognition and qualitative and quantitative analysis of mineralogical phases components multiphase natural or synthetic samples.
Optical and stereoscopic microscopes with reflected, transmitted and polarized light *
Scanning electron microscope in partial vacuum (SEM-VP), with energy dispersion microanalyzer (EDS) *
Microscopio di fluorescenza*
RX diffractometers with hot chamber for high temperature *
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer*
Plasma emission spectrometer*
Sedimentographs for determining the particle size of powders *
Mercury intrusion porosimetry (pore size: 0.05 - 100 µm) *
Helium pycnometer for determining the density of solid bodies *
Specific surface meter, BET method (one point) *
Tensiometer and surface energy meter*
Optical metallography microscopes (1000x) and stereoscopic*
Coulter laser granulometer (3 nm - 10 µm) *
Rotational viscometer with refrigerant bath *
Spectrofluorimeter, spectrophotometer with integrating sphere for Cielab *
* instruments accessible through technical-scientific partners

Characterization of mechanical and tribological properties

Certimac performs mechanical tests on multiple types of materials with a specific focus on the construction sector, but with measurements and tests for all industrial sectors (mechanics, automotive, process, etc.). All the characterizations can be developed at varying temperatures (-60 ÷ 350 ° C or 20 ÷ 800 ° C) and following accelerated aging cycles to verify the decay of performance in operation: freeze / thaw, salt spray, radiation UV, storm cycles, exposure to humidity, immersion in de-icing salts, immersion in an alkaline environment, immersion in ocean water, heat-rain, etc.
Universal machines for static and cyclic mechanical tests up to 1500 ° C
Apparatus for evaluating fracture toughness
Instrumentation for the measurement of the dynamic Young's modulus by means of the resonance method (Grindosonic)
Durometers and micro-durometers for Vickers and Rockwell hardness tests.
Electro-hydraulic machine (maximum load 50 kN) for mechanical tests at ambient T and temperatures up to 1500 ° C
Electro-hydraulic machine (maximum load 70 kN) for mechanical tests at ambient T and temperatures up to 1500 ° C
Electro-hydraulic machine (maximum load 500 kN) for mechanical tests at ambient T and temperatures up to 1000 ° C
Charpy pendulum for resilience
10 machines for creep tests in traction on metals up to 1000 ° C
3 machines for creep tests in bending on ceramics and refractories up to 1500 ° C
20 machines for creep tests in compression on insulating materials
Abrasion tester for wear resistance tests on tiles and stone
Non-destructive analyzes using ultrasound techniques
2 Slip meters for determining the static and dynamic friction coefficients of flooring
Universal machine for compression testing on materials (maximum load 5000 kN)
Single-axis screw machine for static mechanical tests (maximum load 150 kN)
Universal machine for mechanical tests (with 2.5 and 200 kN load cells)

Rheology and study of dispersed systems

Certimac analyzes the rheological behavior of a wide range of fluid systems, especially those involved in the ceramic process, such as slips for casting, screen printing inks, glazes, mixtures for atomization.
Torsion rheometer
Electro-acoustic spectroscope

Environmental durability simulations

Certimac deals with the durability tests of materials subjected to external climatic stresses: the resistance to freezing and thawing.
2 Votsch climatic chambers for simulating environmental freeze / thaw cycles (extreme temperatures - 40 ° C and + 80 ° C)
Test chamber with UV radiation
Salt spray for dry corrosion test (in the temperature ranges: 25 - 60 ° C, humidity: 50 - 98% rh)
Stability test2 (in the temperature ranges: 0 - 70 ° C, humidity: 10 - 80% rh, CO2: 0 - 20%)
Climatic chamber with temperature and humidity control (in the range -25; +60 ° C and 20- 95% rh).
Chambers for immersion in de-icing salts, saline, alkaline environments, ocean water, basic water, chlorinated water, etc.
Stoves and muffles up to 1800 ° C for heat treatments aimed at conditioning, maturation and aging of materials.


Certimac deals with the formulation and preparation of mixtures and conglomerates - both cementitious and based on traditional binders - for curing and all tests relating to characterization both in the fresh and hardened state.
Curing chamber at controlled temperature and humidity
Stainless steel molds for mortar and concrete
Cubes and cylinders for concrete
Mixers compliant with EN 196-1
Table and vibrating table for compacting concrete and mortar
Needle vibrators
Attrezzatura per prove di lavorabilità sul calcestruzzo fresco
Vicat needle
Set for contrasted dilation test
Vibrosetacer size analysis

Energy diagnosis of buildings, monitoring of consumption and environmental healthiness

The Energy division of Certimac supports companies and public administrations with solutions and services for energy efficiency, energy management and energy certification. 

From energy diagnosis, to energy consumption monitoring, from the identification of inefficiencies to the careful planning of energy efficiency interventions, Certimac uses a set of state-of-the-art software and tools.

Energy and plant design software

Certimac technicians use innovative software for evaluating the performance of buildings and their components in static and dynamic conditions, for the design of energy efficiency interventions and renewable source systems.
EdilClima for the calculation of the performance and energy certification of buildings and the thermo-technical-plant design
WUFI Plus for the analysis of the thermo hygrometric behavior of buildings and its components

In situ monitoring and data acquisition

The energy performance of buildings and systems is determined also thanks to one or more in situ surveys by Certimac technicians.
FLIR T420bx for in situ thermographic analysis
Thermozig Plus site heat flow meter for in situ calculation of the thermal transmittance of opaque vertical walls and building
Network analyzer and energy consumption for measuring electrical parameters and consumption of electricity of a user

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