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Industrial research and services for innovation

Certimac supports companies and operators in the sector for the realization of industrial research projects, technology transfer initiatives, development of innovative systems and technologies and of advanced materials, product and process optimization and engineering, training and technical and regulatory updating interventions.

Innovation plays a primary role in tracing a new development trajectory: it is the driving force capable of orienting companies towards new objectives and business opportunities

In Certimac we work side by side with companies to create technological and competitive advantages, which translate into better quality of materials, processes, living and working environments.

Certimac, ENEA and CNR together for Industry

A distinctive element of Certimac is the ability to translate the skills and know-how developed by the two main Italian Research Bodies - ENEA and CNR - into services, activities and solutions for the competitive development of companies, favoring applied research projects focused on the evolution of the sector and on the needs of industry.

50% of the Human Resources of the laboratory is dedicated to Research & Development projects in collaboration with companies on the themes of Safety, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability of materials and buildings.

Our partners

The National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development is a founding member and scientific partner of Certimac
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Il Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche è socio fondatore e partner scientifico di Certimac
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Technical-scientific expertise and state-of-the-art instrumentation

Certimac provides companies with a vast and integrated area of well-equipped laboratories, instruments, equipment and plants of the latest generation for analysis and testing of traditional and advanced materials in the research, development, fine-tuning, industrialization and verification phases.

The Certimac team is composed of specialized and complementary professionals. For each project, the most suitable team is created to achieve the objectives, guaranteeing a highly practical and collaborative approach.

How we work

As a Research and Technology Transfer Organization at the service of companies, Certimac promotes innovation in the energy, materials, sustainability and circular economy fields.
Certimac's Innovation Specialists are experts with an integrated mix of technical-scientific and business skills. They analyze the needs of companies and outline possible paths of innovation with well-identified times, costs and activities to achieve concrete and applicable results.
The Certimac Tenders and Financing Division identifies possible sources of financing to support the client for the development of Industrial Research projects. Certimac has the know-how, the organizational structure and the working methodology to support companies from the presentation of the grant application, up to the planning, implementation and coordination of research projects.
Founded and participated by ENEA and CNR, Certimac is based in the Advanced Materials Science Park of Faenza. It is an Accredited Laboratory of the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network and member of the Clust-ER Build and Greentech. An ecosystem of networks, skills and strategic relationships for the development of the industry.

Case studies

As strategic partners of companies we develop R&D and innovation projects. Discover our success stories.


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