Places, languages, symbols and regulations: the ports of the Adriatic Sea

Join the conference organized within the framework of the Interreg Italy-Croatia TEMPUS project

The city of Rijeka and the partners of the Interreg Italy-Croatia TEMPUS project have organized an online conference on the topic of ports.


The conference is dedicated to ports as constantly changing places, as free zones where special laws and rules apply, and as areas in which stable and strictly material elements coexist with changing elements characterized by intangible value. An example of what has just been said is found in the sailors' own signs and language, the so-called "lingua franca," consisting of common symbols. 


Moreover, in these places, the port heritage is also developed, often forgotten and which, nevertheless, offers countless possibilities for interpretation and representation, first and foremost for local communities; in fact, the latter, with a renewed sense of belonging and pride, can contribute to expand and integrate it, even indirectly, with new initiatives and values.


"The Parallel Universe of Adriatic Ports - Places, Languages, Symbols and Regulations." 

Nov. 15 starting at 10 a.m.


>> Check out the conference program: http://bit.ly/3htqfAl


>> Register here to attend: http://bit.ly/3hzoD8g


As part of the conference, project partners will outline the Italian-Croatian program related to the Adriatic Perspectives (Nataša Adžić, Italy-Croatia Program) and talk about Cultural and Creative Industries as key actors in heritage enhancement (Loredana Modugno, ITC-CNR).


The introductory presentation, will be devoted to the metamorphic relationship between the geographical context, nautical design and port facilities (Ugo Pizzarello, Iuav, University of Venice).


As part of the discussion on symbolic and oral images proper to the language of the sea, the sea as a voyage and intangible heritage without boundaries will be discussed (Joško Božanić), as well as the symbiosis in the boats and sails of the Adriatic, outlining the ancient features of traditional navigation (Stefano Medas, University of Bologna).


In the area of the discovery of ports, treasures and heritage that are often ignored, Barbara Bezzi of Certimac will talk about the knowledge of historic and urbanized port cities through digital narratives (WaVE project); Luka Strašek of the Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral will, on the other hand, analyze the possibilities of collecting interpretations and presentations of port heritage.


Finally, Ivan Šarar, head of the Cultural Department of the City of Rijeka, will outline Rijeka's experience in using the port, and its cultural heritage, as a temporary stage.

Attend the conference

"The Parallel Universe of Adriatic Ports - Places, Languages, Symbols and Regulations." Nov. 15 from 10 a.m.


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