Research and Innovation for the Future of Europe

Certimac among the 94 signatories of the appeal-manifesto of the European scientific community

Certimac is among the 94 European signatories from the world of research and innovation who have launched a Manifesto to place R&I at the center of the debate on the future challenges and priorities of the EU.


The signatories represent universities, research, trade associations from the industrial world and small and medium-sized enterprises, regional and local organizations. Among the Italian members, CNR, ENEA, University of Bologna and other major universities; also ART-ER, Confindustria and many other research and innovation centers have joined parts.


The Manifesto was delivered to the members of the Plenary Session of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE), who met on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of January to discuss the first 90 recommendations adopted by the European Citizens’ Panels on “European Democracy/Values ​​and rights, rule of law, safety and Climate change, environment/health” and others or related recommendations from national panels.


The session has in fact the task of discussing the recommendations made by the citizens’ panels “without a predetermined outcome” and of presenting, on a consensual basis, its proposals to the Executive Committee of the CoFoE, which will be responsible for preparing the final report - i.e. the conclusions of the Conference - “[...]in full cooperation and transparency with the plenary.”


The Conference on the Future of Europe, which kicked off last Spring and is now entering its decisive phase, represents a unique opportunity for European citizens to reflect and debate on the challenges and priorities of the Union.


There is no doubt – says the Manifesto - that the future of Europe and its citizens will be largely linked to results in the field of science and technology. In the coming years, research and innovation will be key to driving post-Covid European recovery, accelerating ecological transition and digital transformation, and supporting the Union’s aspirations for strategic autonomy.


The “Research and Innovation for the Future of Europe” Manifesto is public on theresearchforeurope.eu website.

For more information on the initiative promoted by APRE, you can contact their team at Brussels Office or at bruxelles@apre.it

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