Energy@School wins at Regiostar Awards

A great satisfaction for Certimac, which contributed to the writing and implementation of the entire project dedicated to the culture of energy efficiency in the new generations

A week of great satisfaction at the European level for Certimac. After the the NexTower project's victory at the "CEN-CENELEC Standards+Innovation Awards 2020," now it is the Energy@School project that has received a major recognition: the Regiostar Award.


Regiostar awards EU-funded projects that demonstrate excellence and a new approach in regional development. They were first launched in 2008 with the aim of inspiring other regions and other projects in Europe.


The project triumphed in the category "Youth and cooperation across borders - 30 years of Interreg," among more than 200 applicants and 25 finalists.


Energy@School at a Glance


The project, also developed and written entirely by Certimac and coordinated by the Union of Municipalities of Lower Romagna, involved partners from seven European countries and involved more than 40 schools across Europe.


Energy@School focused on the younger generations to foster change toward "smarter," energy-efficient schools. The expertise of energy efficiency specialists at the European level joined the local and international area in a journey to educate and engage students for sustainability and the environment, at school as well as at home.


Change started from the bottom up: students were given a big responsibility to be "Junion Energy Guardians" and commit in their daily lives to take actions to avoid energy waste such as closing doors and windows or turning off lights after leaving a room. You are never too small to make a difference!


To support children in this process of change were teachers who as "Senior Energy Guardians" offered training and gamification paths to give young people a greater awareness of their crucial role in reducing energy consumption.


The project in numbers


In the three years of the project, 24 training programs were completed, 3 digital learning apps were created, and 241 people were trained to become energy guardians. In addition, the schools involved in the project installed 34 smart meters and detectors.


All schools showed a decrease in energy consumption after the measures were introduced. With a positive effect not only on the climate, but also on public budgets.


Toward a carbon-neutral Europe


The Energy@School project addresses one of the main goals of the European Green Deal: to make Europe the world's first zero-carbon continent by 2050.


To achieve this goal, the younger generations will play a crucial role. Still, energy conservation is completely missing from the curricula of European schools.


Energy@School aims to bridge this gap: education helps young people to be more aware of their potential; individual action can also trigger virtuous change. And students, having learned these best practices at school, will later be role models for their families and friends.


Certimac's energy efficiency experts contributed to the design, writing and implementation of the entire project, providing both local and international expertise in the field of energy management, energy conservation and smart community development services.


Learn more about the Energy@School project


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