The Materials Division of Certimac at JEC World 2024.

Our experts will present updates and news on the qualification of composite materials for structural use.


JEC World 2024, the leading trade show for the composites industry and its applications, confirms its position as the annual reference event for the composites sector.


The central theme of the event will be the crucial challenge of the sustainability of advanced materials, which will need to be increasingly qualified and compliant with the requirements of national and international standards and regulations.


In this context, the recycling process of materials could also become more complex, which will need to be addressed both in terms of the selection of raw materials and through the implementation of sustainable processes.


JEC World 2024 includes conferences, forums, workshops and seminars and provides tools and information on all relevant topics and trends in the composites industry and their sustainability.


Certimac's Materials Division experts will be attending JEC World 2024 to present the latest innovations in the qualification of composite materials for structural use - including FRP, FRCM, CRM, FRC, and composite bars and stirrups - as well as the processes that promote the sustainability of these advanced materials. The aim is to foster the exchange of knowledge among professionals in the sector at the event.


Certimac will also be participating in JEC World 2024 as a partner of the EIT Raw Materials "FENICE" project, which is dedicated to the upscaling of recyclable and biobased fiber-reinforced metal laminates (FMLs) and other composite materials for the production of new battery casings that are lighter, more sustainable and safer, with increased fire resistance.


In addition to being a Authorized Laboratory by the italian High Council of Public Works for the qualification of composite materials for structural use such as FRP, CRM, FRCM and FRC, Certimac is also a Notified Body n° 2685 by MISE and the EU Commission under Regulation CPR(EU) 305/'11 for the release of the CE marking of more than 30 families of construction products.


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For more information on the event: www.jec-world.events

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