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Learn about Certimac's laboratory for the analysis of emissions, safety and healthiness of materials

What are emission, health and safety analyses of materials and what they are used for?
Testing to evaluate the behavior of materials in terms of substance release and environmental pollution helps ensure that your products comply with regulatory and legislative requirements aimed at protecting the environment and health.

The nature, composition and technology used in the production of materials, products, buildings and furnishings have an impact on the health of users and occupants.

Unfortunately, many common materials and products still emit harmful substances such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde. These include paints/varnishes, floorings, coatings, adhesives, wood panels, furniture, counters, textiles, and packaging. These materials continue to emit and release harmful substances into the environment long after their production or installation, sometimes for years.

The hazardous nature of these substances varies, with some being practically harmless, while others are classified as irritants, carcinogens, and mutagens, including formaldehyde and benzene.

Certimac's Laboratory for the analysis of emissions, safety and healthiness of materials aims to certify the safety of materials to protect people, animals, and the environment. To achieve this, the laboratory conducts activities to study and optimize products and blends in terms of sustainability, health, and emissions. It analyzes recipes, mix designs, water, and volatile substances (both indoor and outdoor).

These types of evaluations and certifications represent the first step in qualifying and enhancing products that increasingly stand out in the market, not only in terms of performance but also in terms of safety, health, and well-being. In some cases, regulations themselves require it, while in others, it involves tests and protocols carried out on a voluntary basis.
What health, safety, and emissions analyses we perform in our laboratories
Certimac's Laboratory for the analysis of emissions, safety and healthiness of materials is specialized in analyzing the release of volatile organic substances (VOCs) and formaldehyde from sources such as construction, finishing, furniture, or automotive materials and products, in accordance with the main industry standards: UNI EN 16516, UNI EN ISO 16000-9, UNI EN 717-1 and UNI EN ISO 12219-4 , etc.

The laboratory has state-of-the-art instrumentation and a team of engineers and graduate technical staff who follow each stage of testing, processing of results and reporting, ensuring compliance with the main European regulatory standards, which are constantly evolving.
Below, by way of example and not limitation, are some of the tests, investigations, and trials that are performed at our emissions, health and safety materials analysis laboratory.
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VOC and TVOC emission analysis

Certimac's volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis services can help you ensure that your products meet the regulatory requirements in the various specific contexts designed to protect the environment and health.

VOCs are a large family of volatile compounds that can be hazardous (such as benzene or formaldehyde) as well as not (e.g., geraniol-the odor given off by a great many flowers or plants, but also by wine). Other types of VOCs are acetonitrile, acetone, benzaldehyde, butanal, propanol toluene, etc.

VOC emissions have been the focus of scientists and researchers for decades in order to ensure the healthiness of the air we breathe both indoors and outdoors. Many materials can release VOCs, but the sectors involved in VOC emission testing are mainly two: automotive and construction.

Specific tests allow manufacturers to measure the emissions of their products and assess whether or not they meet the specific limits set by current regulations or legislation..

Analysis performed by Certimac to comply with the directives and standards of in VOC emissions in:
Construction products: insulators, paints and varnishes, flooring, adhesives, sheathing, waterproofing, coatings, ...
Furniture: wooden furniture and its components, office furniture, components and seating
Upholstery and interiors automotive sector
Bodywork enamels automotive sector
Water / Environment / Solid matrices

Analysis of FORMALDEHYDE emissions

Formaldehyde is an extremely volatile chemical substance widely used in the production of resins and adhesives, particularly in materials such as furniture, wood panels, coatings, adhesives, and textiles.

This substance is released into the environment by objects and materials containing it, contributing to indoor air pollution.

The emission of formaldehyde from furniture, coatings, and other materials in contact with the indoor environment is particularly problematic not only in homes but also in workplaces, schools, hospitals, and any environments where people spend extended periods. Prolonged exposure can pose health risks ranging from irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat to respiratory diseases and proven carcinogenic effects.

Analysis of formaldehyde emissions are essential to ensure the safety and health of individuals.

Its hazardous nature has led to the imposition of non-negotiable limits on its use and emission. Different test methods are defined depending on the type of material and usage context, and the results obtained are then compared with the limits set by relevant regulations or legislation.

Certimac's formaldehyde emission analysis services can help you ensure that your products meet regulatory requirements in various specific contexts, in addition to adhering to voluntary standards and labels aimed at protecting the environment and human health.

Analyses of formaldehyde emission are regulated by specific safety regulations and standards: including UNI EN ISO 16000-3, UNI EN 16516, UNI EN 717-1

Formaldehyde emission tests are conducted on a wide range of materials and products. Among the most commonly tested materials are:
Chipboard, recycled or wood fiber panels

Interior furniture and fittings
Fabrics, curtains , upholstery
Adhesives, glues, sealants
Textiles and clothing

Why choose Certimac?

We have a wide range of cutting-edge instrumentation capable of characterizing materials from various perspectives: physical, thermal, chemical, environmental, and technological, in order to comply with mandatory regulations such as CE Marking, ASTM, CAM certification, DNSH declaration, and more.

Our integrated team of materials scientists and laboratory technicians develops and performs tests following the latest international guidelines and standards. We are also members of various international working groups for the development and validation of new testing standards.

The expertise of our technicians and engineers, combined with the reliability of our equipment and protocols, provides customers with the assurance of accuracy and the essential technical support for the proper interpretation of data.

Once laboratory results are obtained and analyzed, our specialized consulting area can support manufacturers in the optimization and innovation of products and processes, following the most innovative practices of Life Cycle Thinking and Life Cycle Management.

Our partnership with ENEA and CNR allows us to constantly monitor the evolution of regulations and scientific innovation on the national and international stage, ensuring the execution of tests according to high methodological standards and advanced laboratory instrumentation.

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