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Knowing the thermal properties of materials is the first step to increase the reliability and performance of your products. Discover Certimac's services for thermal analysis.

What is the thermal analysis of materials and what is it for?
The thermal properties of materials - thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat, and the ways in which they exchange heat - affect the PERFORMANCE, SAFETY and DURABILITY of the products used in civil and industrial sectors.

At the basis of the correct performance of products - both traditional and new generation types - there is always an accurate knowledge of the thermal properties of the materials.

In particular, tests and thermal analysis on materials are the first steps to:
  • Reduce development and industrialization times for new products
  • Increase the reliability, performance and durability of traditional and advanced materials
  • Identify and fine-tune processes more efficient and effective
  • Develop and industrialize products with new functionalities and new applications
  • Which thermal properties do we measure in our laboratories?
    Certimac’s laboratory dedicated to thermal analysis can count on unique equipment in Italy and a team of engineers specialized in thermal analysis and tests. They supervise the tests, the results processing and the reporting at every stage, ensuring constant updating according to the evolution of the European and international regulatory standards.
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    Eng. Giulia De Aloysio, PhD
    Thermophysical analysis of materials and energy efficiency specialist

    Thermal tests

    • represents the power of insulation or, conversely, the ability to effectively transmit heat by conduction in stable operating conditions over time
    • experimental determination using HFM heat flow meters - Heat Flow Meter with guard ring
    • temperature range – 30 + 300 °C
    • parameter that characterizes the thermal behavior of a given material in a dynamic regime
    • experimental determination with the LFA technique - Laser Flash Analysis: rapid and precise method in the absence of contact with the tested material
    • temperature range  20 + 1250 ° C
    • indicator of the ability to accumulate heat of a material or system
    • analytical determination by means of a specific reference sample starting from the experimental values ​​obtained by the LFA and by the DSC technique - Differential Scanning Calorimetry
    • temperature range - 90 + 1250 ° C
    • using advanced calculation instruments, it systemizes all the parameters of the individual materials, replicating the real complexity of the heat exchange phenomena in both stationary and dynamic conditions, otherwise not representable and modelable
    • processing using numerical modeling tools, with finite element calculation methodology (FEM) of both stationary and dynamic working conditions in civil (small-scale component and large-scale - building / infrastructure) and industrial (component and system) working conditions
    • optimization and re-engineering through the post-analysis of predictive models of the behavior of the material in operation

    High Performance Composite Materials

    Find out what Certimac has achieved in the field of ceramic composite materials and the results of its successful collaboration with ENEA


    On which materials can thermal analysis be performed?

    Thermal analysis can be performed on a very wide range of materials and products. Please find below an exemplary, but not exhaustive, list of the products that we test every day from a thermal and thermo-hygrometric point of view:
    Adhesives and sealants
    Traditional and advanced ceramics
    Natural and synthetic textile fibers
    Natural and synthetic rubbers
    Insulating and super-insulating
    Bricks, plasters, paints
    Mineral fibrous materials
    Incoherent materials
    Materials for geothermal applications
    Composite materials
    Metals and alloys
    Polymers and geopolymers
    Rocks, sand and clays
    Glass and glass ceramics
    Cosmetics and food

    Why choose Certimac?

    Certimac thermal-physics specialists, support material producers in the certification of their products through laboratory analyses and tests, and in the research and development of increasingly performing materials in terms of thermal performance.

    Certimac has the latest generation of instrumentation, devices and software to perform analyses, tests, experimental measurements, numerical modelling and calculation algorithms on over 1000 types of traditional and innovative materials. This is added to the specialist skills of our materials science experts and the rigorous quality parameters of our testing procedures.

    From the analysis of the need, to the execution of all laboratory thermal analyses, up to the release of test reports and technical-scientific reports, as well as the search for calls for research funding, are the value we offer to companies that choose us for the qualification and enhancement of the thermal properties of materials.

    Our partnership with ENEA and CNR allows us to constantly follow the evolution of regulations and scientific innovation on the national and international scene, to ensure that tests are carried out according to high methodological standards and with advanced laboratory instrumentation.

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